Youth Events

Visit this page for any upcoming events in the community!

Upcoming Events

1. Next Gen Leadership Team

Looking for connections in the community to be involved in major decisions while promoting yourself in county government, boosting your resume, and gaining some incredible experience in being involved? Check out the Strathco NextGen Initiative!! Head to the NextGen website here to sign up! Dinner is included in meetings!

2. Dungeons and Dragons: New Campaign has begun!!

Level Up Gaming hosts a bi-weekly session of Dungeons and Dragons in the Board Game Cafe on Wednesdays! Come for any session to hop into a world of its own where we work together to visit a new realm. All skill levels are welcome and you do not need to have come to sessions before!!

Time: 5:30pm-8:30pm drop in

D&D runs every second Wednesday! Can’t wait to see you!