Our Staff

Our Staff

Our incredible team of staff are the sole reason that BGC rises above standards across Canada. Our staff build lasting relationships with the children and youth of our clubs to ensure that every opportunity they deserve is provided to them. Without our excellent team, BGC would not be in Strathcona County how they are today.

We have many additional frontline staff for our various programs, but here is our leadership team and their contact info:

Executive Director
Ty Roed - tyler@scbgc.com

Director of Operations
Brock Day - brock@scbgc.com

Director of Youth Programs
Dani Sinasac - dani@scbgc.com

Director of Nature Programs
Monique Lozeron - monique@scbgc.com

Director of Children's Programs
John Dalton - john@scbgc.com

Admin Coordinator
Christie Radosh - christie@scbgc.com

Community Engagement and Communications Coordinator
Jess Proulx - jess@scbgc.com

Youth Coordinator
Amanda MacLeod - amanda@scbgc.com

Nature Program Coordinator
Megan Robertson - megan@scbgc.com

Club Coordinator - Spruce Club
Anthony Moir - anthony@scbgc.com

Club Coordinator - Woodbridge Club
Celeste Lovlin - celeste@scbgc.com

Club Coordinator - Davidson Creek Club 
Keanna Veenstra - keanna@scbgc.com

Club Coordinator - Ardrossan Club
Dani Giacobbo - danig@scbgc.com

Club Coordinator - Heritage Hills Club
Kassidy Garrett - kassidy@scbgc.com

Club Coordinator - Madonna Club
Maggie Liosis - maggie@scbgc.com

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