About Us

BGC Strathcona County is a registered non-profit charitable organization devoted to serving children and youth throughout Strathcona County. BGC Strathcona County is a provisional member of BGC Canada.

BGC Canada is one of this country’s leading national, youth-serving organizations dedicated to providing high-quality services that promote the healthy growth and development of young Canadians and their families.

We are founded on a strong belief in the positive potential of every child.

BGC Strathcona County has served the County community since 2001, enriching the lives of over 2500 children and youth annually through after-school, spring break and summer camp programs that offer fun, challenging experiences and activities focused on healthy living, personal growth, learning and community involvement.

How is BGC Strathcona County Unique?

  • Our sole mandate is to serve young people – they are our ONLY priority in programming and fund allocation
  • The ability to participate is guaranteed – No child is ever denied access due to inability to pay
  • 98% of former members surveyed by Ipso-Reid for BGC Canada credited a particular staff member for developing, helping and supporting them.
  • Programs are designed to create a continuum of opportunities that build leadership and character in every child throughout every stage of their life

Mission Statement

To provide a safe, supportive place where children and youth can:
  1. Experience new opportunities,
  2. Overcome barriers,
  3. Build positive relationships and
  4. Develop confidence and skills for life

Core Values

In our work with children, youth, families and communities, all BGC clubs are guided by the following Core Values. These Core Values are the standard by which all BGC services are measured.


We welcome everyone in a safe, accepting environment based on belonging and positive relationships.


We ensure that everyone – children, youth, families, volunteers, staff – is heard, respected, valued and treated fairly.

Encourage and Support

We encourage and support every child and youth to play, learn and grow to achieve their dreams.

Working Together

We work together with young people, families, volunteers, our communities and government.

Speaking Out

We speak out with children, youth and families so that we can make our world better.

Inclusion Statement

BGC Canada stands with all individuals, regardless of race, financial background, age, ability, or any other defining characteristic. We stand with our BIPOC family, our LGBTQ2S+IA folks, and we stand for Truth and Reconciliation for equitable spaces for all.

Equity, diversity and inclusion in the workplace is not a matter of lip service or of identity politics, it is a matter of living by and honouring the values of BGC. If diverse youth and staff do not feel a sense of belonging, respect, encouragement and support from the organization, if we do not work collaboratively regardless of background and speak out when there are injustices, we are failing to uphold our values.

Why Equity and why not Equality? Equality means everyone is treated the same exact way, regardless of need or individual difference. Equity, on the other hand, means everyone is provided with what they need to succeed. By treating everyone equitably, we are considering their differences and ensuring those differences do not prevent them from accessing the same opportunity as everyone else.

Read our BGC Canada statement against Racism and Discrimination

As Canada’s largest charitable organization serving kids and teens, BGC Clubs open their doors to all young people, of all backgrounds, in 736 diverse communities across the country. Our core values—Belonging, Respect, Encouragement and Support, Working Together, Speaking Out—are built around inclusion and we are proud of the work we do.

We stand against systemic racism, prejudice, discrimination, and injustice.

And like you, we are tired. Tired of seeing the long-term repercussions of racism. Tired of seeing trauma repeated generation after generation. Tired of calling for action and accountability.

BGC Clubs build safety nets to catch those who fall into the gaps. We often work in neighbourhoods that are changed by struggles with poverty, unemployment, incarceration—and where we see firsthand the effects of systemic racism. We have witnessed youth who have been the target of violence and persecution by institutional forces, and we will continue to support these youth, to guide them through the trauma of this violence, and to make space for young people to be heard and to thrive.

We also know that we can always do more. As a national organization, we will provide funding and resources that help our Clubs create even more safe spaces for youth that identify as BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Colour). We will provide more training and tools that will help white staff and youth recognize their privilege and learn how to be effective allies.

We have seen the long-term benefits of investing in young people and their communities. We will continue to use our national platform to advocate for increased funding and prioritization of youth and community engagement programs at all levels of government and within law enforcement agencies across Canada.

BGC Canada has always been committed to change and we welcome others to join us in speaking out against discrimination in all its forms. Together, we will continue to remove barriers and create opportunities for all young people.

Read our BGC Canada statement on Truth and Reconciliation

The BGC movement commits to supporting Indigenous children, youth, and families in the communities we serve. We commit to creating equitable spaces for Indigenous staff, partners, and community members. We call for an end to the systemic inequities faced by Indigenous communities. We stand for Truth and Reconciliation.

We acknowledge that Indigenous peoples have suffered under colonial and postcolonial policies. We believe that to work respectfully with Indigenous nations, our staff needs to be aware of the collective impact that intergenerational trauma continues to have on Indigenous children, youth, and families.

We need to learn and understand our shared history in a way that moves us towards a stronger and healthier future, with relationships rooted in mutual understanding and respect.

We know that by supporting Indigenous young people, we strengthen society overall. We also know that our ability to provide transformative spaces and meaningful opportunities for Indigenous and non-Indigenous young leaders to forge new pathways together is a crucial contribution to Truth and Reconciliation.

We are guided by the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, which establishes the individual and collective rights of Indigenous peoples and protects them from discriminatory policies and practices.

We are also guided by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada’s final report, and in response to their Calls to Action, we will:

Build knowledge and awareness of Truth and Reconciliation at BGC by offering learning/unlearning and capacity-building opportunities for Club leadership, staff, volunteers, and members (children, youth, and families) that will increase understanding of Indigenous peoples, cultures, languages, communities, histories, the impact of colonial actions, intergenerational trauma, and the role that we can play in walking the path of Reconciliation (TRC Calls to Action 92iii and 62i).

Seek meaningful and sustained relationships with Indigenous communities and organizations, nationally and locally, based on equality, good faith, and mutual respect, to work collaboratively towards equitable, accessible, and culturally relevant and responsive services for Indigenous children, youth, and families (TRC Call to Action 66).

BGC Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Commitment Statement has been developed with Club leadership from across the country, in consultation with Elders, Knowledge Keepers, and youth leaders, and has been approved by our national Board of Directors. This statement will continue to move us towards our vision that all children and youth discover and achieve their dreams and grow up to be healthy, successful, and active participants in society.

92iii Provide education for management and staff on the history of Aboriginal peoples, including the history and legacy of residential schools, the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, Treaties and Aboriginal rights, Indigenous law, and Aboriginal–Crown relations. This will require skills based training in intercultural competency, conflict resolution, human rights, and anti-racism.

62i Make age-appropriate curriculum on residential schools, Treaties, and Aboriginal peoples’ historical and contemporary contributions to Canada a mandatory education requirement for Kindergarten to Grade Twelve students.

66 We call upon the federal government to establish multi-year funding for community-based youth organizations to deliver programs on Reconciliation, and establish a national network to share information and best practices.

BGC Canada acknowledges that our work, and the work of our Clubs, takes place on traditional Indigenous territories. Recognizing the importance of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada’s 94 Calls to Action, we have written the BGC Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Commitment Statement to ensure that positive action on Reconciliation continues within the Club movement and in the broader communities where we work and live. The Statement is meant to be adopted by BGC Clubs as a commitment to use their resources in service of Reconciliation.

We would like to share our endless gratitude to those who supported the development of this Statement with their valuable feedback, input, and insight:

  • Elder Wallace Awasis
  • Myeengun Henry
  • Allan Jamieson Senior
  • Vivian Whitecalf, Co-chair, Battlefords Reconciliation Group
  • Tim Fox, Natoyi’sokasiim, Kainai Nation/Blood Tribe
  • Rick McLean, Animiqwoam, Anishinaabe, Odawa, Wolf Clan whose grandfather was a member of the Wikwemikong Unceded First Nation
  • Mahegun Tails Inc. (Sharon Goulet, Suzanne McLeod)
  • BGC Staff and Truth and Reconciliation Committee members (Krista Broadbent, Ron Brown, Heidi Carl, Nicole Combres, Lindsay Cornell, Krista Harvey, Christy Morgan, Shirley Puttock, Stefaun Tingley, Shannon Yule)
  • National Youth Council Social Justice Committee (Sydney J., Shaheema N., Yaël W.)

Frequently Asked Questions

We have exciting news about the potential of a brand new BGC building! This page provides some answers to a few frequently asked questions about BGC and finding our forever home. If you have a question that’s not listed here, please let us know and we’ll be sure to add it!

You can reach out to communications@scbgc.com anytime.

Check out the Strathcona County information on this topic here.